How To Pick The Best Baby Activity Gym For Your Baby’s Development

Search Amazon for “activity gym” and you’ll get 30,000 results! Eek!

Before you let baby registry overwhelm set in, let’s take a look at a few key factors to consider that will help you find the best baby play mat for your baby’s development. Because they’re not all made the same!

(and because my pediatric Occupational Therapist / child development nerd brain looooves to get super analytical about baby gear and toys!)

The #1 Thing To Consider In A Baby Activity Gym

Your baby’s activity gym needs to rest flat on the floor. What do I mean? It should either be a free-standing structure or have a flat mat underneath. An activity gym over an infant lounge pillow, foam wedge, activity chair or other infant positioner is NOT best for baby’s development.

One of the biggest developmental needs your baby has from the moment he exits the womb is to MOVE. Infant positioners, pillows, and chairs restrict your baby’s freedom of movement and limit the sensory inputs he gets.

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