The Food Bank for New York City, which is the largest food bank in the United States, is facing a major challenge because of dwindling donations. With the country in a recession and the national unemployment rate over eight percent, it is no wonder that more people than ever before are turning to the help of food pantries and food banks.

Dwindling donations force food charity into unprecedented action

“People are looking for ways to pay their bills, but they’re not looking for food,” says the head of the Food Bank for New York City, Robert Morse. Many families are cutting back on eating out because of the economy, and food costs have gone through the roof. “We’re also seeing the rise in prescription drug use, obesity and other health problems related to eating poor diets and lack of exercise.”

To handle all of the needs of the growing number of clients, the Food Bank has hired a fundraising coordinator to coordinate its activities. Since it is a government funded organization, the Food Bank is limited by the federal government to the amount of money it can raise for charitable purposes. That means it has to work very hard to bring in the donations it needs each month to keep it running smoothly. Now, with the help of volunteers and fundraisers, it is more equipped than ever to fight the need for additional funds.

The Food Bank for New York City is a government entity. The Food and Nutrition Service is responsible for distributing the monies that it receives from the government. But this is just part of its budget. The Food Bank also relies heavily on private donations.

The Food Bank’s fund raising efforts depend on the generosity of individuals and businesses. And because many families are facing tough times financially, many are hesitant to donate even their hard-earned money. “It’s very discouraging for people to see food stamps cut or their monthly groceries reduced,” says Morse. The Food Bank receives more donations than it can handle. However, with a little creativity, it is able to manage the money so it can continue to provide food to those in need.

One way the Food Bank helps reduce the number of donations that it receives is by organizing its own fundraisers, like car washes and bake sales. There are also fundraisers designed to give free gifts, like a holiday or birthday bag full of goodies and items for baby showers and weddings.

This year, the Food Charity will again raise money for its cause by holding events for children. They will be hosting a toy drive at the children’s playground at Central Park. And they will also be handing out free Christmas cookies to kids, and toys to families during after hours at the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

With an increasing number of people turning to food pantries and food banks, the Food Charity is faced with a challenging task. If you want to help, call the Food Bank today.

One food that has been growing in popularity lately is the fruit basket. People love to put a little extra attention and care into their gift baskets. By choosing a theme like a favorite hobby, they allow their guests to get something useful, something special, but something that can be used later on. And in case they don’t need it right away, they can be re-purposed.

This year, the Food Charity will be offering their customers’ baskets of homemade jams, spreads, candy, cheeses and even jams and spreads created especially for those with special diets. or those suffering from allergies. The New York Times recently wrote about one basket that included apricot preserves, organic olive oil, grape jam, organic apples and lavender-infused olive oil. Topped with fruits and nuts, these spreads were perfect for a meal for a special occasion.

Other ways the Food Charity is using for fundraising efforts are by hosting a variety of events to benefit children and their families. For instance, it is holding its annual Spring Ball and Summer Ball. It is also hosting a variety of bake sales to raise money for its cause.

Its food pantry and soup kitchens also need donations. So if you want to help out, take a moment to visit the Food Charity and volunteer your time, energy and talents.