The Covid crisis, which is a state of emergency in India is an occasion of concern for all the countries of South Asia. The crisis is caused due to the increase in child marriages and trafficking in the state of Gujarat. This is the reason that the Indian government has decided to provide financial aid to the state.

The sociologists blame this rise in child marriage and trafficking in Gujarat on the absence of a law against these activities. The state of Gujarat has been known for its tolerance towards various social and religious practices, especially in the case of the Hindus. According to the sociologists, these practices are not tolerated by the Hindus in the state. Therefore, they have resorted to these practices under the pretence of religion.

According to the Indian sociologists, Gujarat has a rich tradition of giving importance to the Hindu temples and other religious institutions. Hence, there was an increase in the cases of child marriage and trafficking. The people in the state used to give importance to religion before getting married and when they got married. Some of the people in the state used to take their young children along with them in their wedding procession to the temple. According to the sociologists, this practice is considered a violation of Hindu laws.

Gujarat is also known for its liberal culture and people living in the state have a liberal attitude towards the lives of other people. They do not discriminate against anyone, whether Hindu or non-Hindu, according to religion or caste. As far as the social institutions in the state are concerned, the social groups of the state are considered to be equal before the law.

The sociologists say that this liberal attitude towards the lives of other people in the state has resulted in a growth in the number of child marriages. According to the researches conducted, a large number of Hindu girls have married Muslim men and vice versa. A large number of Hindu girls have also taken the help of Hindu boys in order to get married and migrate to Western countries, either in order to live there or to look for better job opportunities.

According to the researchers, this growth in the number of child marriages is not due to any one particular group policy, but it is a result of the state’s social policy, which was not in place in the past. India.